18 Mar 2013

Cool murals elsewhere

Such impressive ceiling...
I have recently delivered some sturm-and-drang on the theme of publicly visible mural art in Ottawa, which in my opinion is just terribly, hmmm, I shouldn't say.

Accidentally, shopping lately in a local art store I took a minute and noticed a nice book on murals.
Although it is not exactly my speciality, I did look at some of the samples in the book.
I loved them - big, bold, vigorous.

I couldn't resist to share some:

Very nice Trompe-l'œil - Germany, most impressive ocean liner ever seen on that street...

Oh, by the way, at the first chance I will try to give you the title of this book, in case you are a muralist and would like to involve in a more in-depth study...

possibly Denmark?

Closer to home - Toronto

somewhere in the US

This is super, imaginary monsters - Brazil

Nicaragua - isn't it beautifully painted?

Total transformation, from shabby to fascinating....

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