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Interesting ideas for Art and Decor
Discrete charm of old perfume labels, sometime I use the elements of old graphic styles in my projects. The craft of those is impressive, and appeal irresistible.
I am so glad those are so trendy nowadays.
Perfume Labels
from La Belle Brocante, a very nice blog...

Speachless... Great marriage of scale and theme...
Found somewhere on a Desert Flea...

I'm finding this detail of a Tudor-style
completely fascinating >

Thesaurus - "A Garden of Words" with beautifully handmade book jacket
The Secret Garden with beautifully handmade book jacket<---- This I love very much, I have been recovering some of my old books for years, designing and printing "crafty" dust jackets.
This I found on Poppytalk, it is being sold on Etsy and made by some young woman in the US.
Soo beautiful...
Sooo Victorian...
Soooo Shabby chic..












Great graphic wallcovering piece, from Australia, found thanks to the inexhaustable Poppytalk --->










Cannot hang artwork?

No problem. Just stand it, the studio/gallery way.

Other than this, everything else in this room is inspiring...
from Franciskas Vakre Verden















A life-saving idea:

My life is run by my two four-legged, sharp-nailed creatures, Norka & Maja
Once they shred to pieces the slip-cover of my only reading armchair, the humble Ektorp Tulsta, the only hope and salvation comes from this, by  Kelly Swallow
Brilliant!  This sample came from my subscription at the Print and Pattern blog.

Another little bit of inspiration from,
I think, British source - Cat Creations below.
I am afraid it is "analogue" but it would work great as a digital "creative sponge".

from a German blog









A SUPER gift idea:

"commemorative" collage of favs,
assembly of visual blurbs, photos, scans of: 
> books
> pictures
> textiles
> faces
> flowers
> dishes
> travel moments
> parking tickets (just kidding)...

Another good idea from
 a strong, "manly" image for the
wall art suitable for a
  <--- gentleman's apartment.

Vintage labels elevate mundane objects
to a piece of conversation --->

This is a Prime Idea for travel photography.

You MUST see this gorgeous post from a Swedish photographer, Magdalena Martin's blog. Here
 I think I may own a couple of street signs photos myself, I better go and look...

Beautiful artwork from here

I will be adding to this scrapbook of ideas, rotating and hopefully distilling to the most timeless...

Oh wow, I was about to close for today when another MASSIVELY GREAT IDEA appeared
It is this ------------------------------->
And this is gorgeous - look a little closer...

Probably a digital print, cut out in an oval shape to - possibly - correspond nicely with the oval shape of the chair, but maybe to indicate the "shape of art" piece.
As to the content - hmmm, hard to say.

The title of the post was "A Amsterdam Home".
I am betting this is a great enlargement from a known piece of historic art.
Some area that wouldn't give away the secret.
The artists/designer decided to withhold the other artist's identity and prevent us from identifying the piece easily. 
Carolyn Quartermaine textiles
I think so because I had done something like this before.
After all, it works great...

A completely new idea
<--- This had just come in a new post by Trish @ Trouvais.
What a brilliant idea to incorporate the intricacy, and specific flavour of the 18th century script into a new textile design. It is so beautiful...

Below is a little older and rather "long" idea. -->
Of course, I collect old magazines.
In one of the issues of beautiful French art magazine
"Connaissance" I have seen this:

It is an old Aftican textile,  it was a part of a private  textile collection. It is absolutely "organic" and totally contemporary in its form.
An inspiration for a digital design and possibly
huge print on textile.
"If you don't think it is great then I don't know what is wrong with you...."

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