20 May 2012

Koko Euro Spoko

The Polish viewers vote those Babcias's song Koko Euro Spoko as the official Polish 2012 Euro Soccer anthem. Grandma's average age - probably 70.  We LOVE KOKO!

ou may notice those flashy colourful graphics.
Those a back-projections on a special 3M rear-projection film, developed just a few years ago but in our area virtually unseen.

The principle of this display system is simple and really clever.
The YouTube video below explains rather clearly the mechanics of it.
In short - if you are thinking of creating a very effective storefront display, that may be the solution for you. You need a projector and - as the man says, many kinds of graphic format.

A word of caution little possums: (yes, I adore Dame Edna - that will be totally DIFFERENT post...)
The City does restrict how you may project.
It mostly restricts your projecting patterns on the street level.
You will be fine with the static images or a slow slide-show with a certain image changing frequency and possibly no video.
Using above street level or indoors, or in a park so it doesn't visually interfere with the traffic - there will be a lot more freedom.
So essentially, the blinking Euro Koko graphics - yes in the park, no in the storefront.

9 May 2012

Children's Festival

The very end (perhaps even the very beninning...) of a 20 ft long banner for the Ottawa Children's Festival - I produced it donating its design. Now it's being cleaned up for another season of kids fun.

Once again, the summer is coming, events starting.
Once again:


would donating a million to establish a stationary children's theatre in Ottawa is asking too much?
Please view all the irresistible benefits that come from such act of enlightened imagination. Irresistible reasons were listed in last year's post on this subject. 
I am sure there is many thousands of reasons more since last year - there is just so many more kids in Ottawa.
All of them need to be armed and empowered with the tools of fantasy and imaginations.
Those are perhaps the most unique qualities among Humans within the Animal Kingdom....
Fantasy and imagination leads to more creative thinking, innovative solutions, better negotiating skills. Gee, we can't have youth lingering in the shopping malls and kids sitting in front of a tube every day!

I know, there are roads to be paved, schools to be opened and discoveries to be discovered - but that's just the OTHER millions, lest  talk  One  million  at  a  Time...
Please. Maybe it's less than a mil - what do I know?
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