1 Jun 2013

Think rich, look poor

I do not like canned soups and definitely not Campbell soups, but the Campbell Tomato Soup has almost a symbolic and regular presence in my kitchen cupboard. It is rarely eaten, always with the addition of 18% cream and cooked rice.

Since it is periodically consumed, the supply is always up to date, and feeds not only my fondness of tomato soup with rice, but it is a commemoration of Andy Warhol.

You may know that paying homages to various artists, causes and events is one of my countless favourite activities. I guess it is so much more fun when even a modest task of consuming some soup can be elevated to the rank of celebration.

My interest in his work increased since I had seen a documentary that spoke in more detail about his graphic work and showed how he created his illustrations that later became symbols of pop-art, effectively high-art.

I have also gained so much more understanding of him after seeing the interior of his apartment. Wow, no pop art there - totally classic, conservative, quiet, harmonious.
Amazing man.
Rest In Peace, Andy.

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