22 Nov 2014

Happy Birthday

Somebody turned an even 30 and all I was able to send him at such short notice are the last geraniums of 2014.

They bloomed profusely and some were brought in so I can do again some healthy propagation for the 2015 flower containers.
It worked well last winter...

It's been very cold and the snow melts as the rain heralds the coming of short-lived thaw-to be.

11 Nov 2014

Saint Martin's

Today is my Son's patron's day - Saint Martin.
100 years ago broke off a long war that four years later ended on Nov. 11, at 11 a.m. in a train, with an Armistice.
The terms of which, and the subsequent treaties Hitler never forgot nor fogave.

Collection of the Canadian War Museum

This is one of my very favourite IWW paintings, it depicts a Canadian field hospital located in a war time deconsecrated church, somewhere in France.
The blue dresses of the nurses are beautiful, the veils are starched, the foliage is painted in a still Fin-de-secle-like manner.
Hmm, the church was bombed and everyone died.
Lest We Forget.

7 Nov 2014

Image of Home

Again I was lucky to visit Home, which is where my parents live.
I was lucky again to be able to photograph more of my dear Mom's paintings.
This painting is older than I and and its view was one of the items that accompanied my whole childhood and beyond.
Every time I see it, I become this nostalgic view.

Bozena Ratajczak, ca 1956, watercolour, white guache

Mother has known and admired of course Wyspianski's Planty at Dawn.
She chose her own view, perhaps it was a young talented woman's hommage to a greatly admired artist.

More mentions on my Mothers art can be found here:
The Eagle Has Landed and here: Snow!
and here: Mother's Watercolours on Canvas

Needless to say, I continue to collect a Limited Edition of my Mother's watercolours and other paintings, reproductions ave become available. It is expanded even as we speak.

6 Nov 2014

Antique Roses

I visited my Mother again and this time I couldn't resist trying to capture this particular scent of the past.

The "Force" was strong, the colour  of roses was vivid and the feel of vintage linens fresh and crisp.
Many belonged to my grandmother, that makes my eyes wet.

Here is a glimpse....

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