27 Jan 2018

Early Collodion Prints

I have seen such photographs before, but never up-close.
This is the recent acquisition, from a young antiquarian and a collector of old photographs.
Most of his collection comes from Fredericton, New Brunswick - on the Atlantic side of Canada.
Some of the smaller photos I had purchased bear the embossed mark of Harvey, 164 Queen Street, F'ton N.B. The studio still exists, but doesn't bear any traces of its past...

Other photo, portrait of some Mr. Johnson and another man comes from a studio of Norman B. Henry in Clint, Ontario. I cannot locate any traces of the photographer, but there lives Johnson family.
Another yet from Belleville - Brock & Co.
My new anonymous great-great-grandfathers.

Beautiful golden tones and surprisingly neutral-to-friendly facial expressions!
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