13 Apr 2013

The Sweater - Merin Cadell

Girls, do you remember The Sweater?

This is the piece of authentic Canadian poetry, and music, and a video.
By now this precious sweather is a truly vintage, it smells musty but hasn't dated a bit, it will be good-as-new for another.... years.
The last piece changes around the recitative by the immortal Meryn Caddell.

Watch and enjoy this incredibly intrinsically cool music vid.
This is Colour Therapy AGAIN!

Ever since it went on the air eons ago, so long ago that we still had a TV and even watched it (mostly kids shows...) I knew - this piece of performance has to be saved and preferably placed in a bottle and sent to space as the incredible intrinsic piece of human expression.

Many eons later, the boys were already shaving and the tv was no more, it took me a while to restore this item. So now - it's here, immortalized with the rest of my bits of memorabilia. I will post the lyrics soon, got it saved on another machine.
M.Cadell went on to teach song lyrics and libretto writing at the University of British Columbia.
She continues to live as a man.
I stay in Ottawa and continue to live as a sweater.
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