11 Apr 2013

Avid collector

Recently some items were auctioned that I feel I have a serious interest in:

Marie Antoinette’s green silk slippers

Auctioned in 2012 on the anniversary of her execution on 16 October 1793, the slippers hint at the extravagant spending habits of the queen nicknamed ‘Madame Deficit’ during her lifetime.
Sold for about €50,000.

Must have...

Winston Churchill’s dentures

Churchill's upper dentures were sold for £15,200 in 2010 by the son of the dental surgeon who made them.

Churchill's false teeth “we shall fight them on the beaches”.

"Vital to War Effort"

Those were specially devised to preserve Churchill's characteristic lisp.  
Must have. A necklace idea for the "morbid  collector"?

Jane Austen’s turquoise and gold ring

File:AustenTeapotCookies.jpgsold at Sotheby’s for £152,450.
I don't know how the ring looked like, well, I am perfectly satisfied with this image of janeitia:
Those cookies seem perfectly precious. 

Hitler’s desk, cutlery and swastika-engraved drinking glasses

Though there is no conclusive evidence that Hitler drank from these eagle and swastika engraved drinking glasses during late evenings, they sold for £3,000 in 2011. (...) The chilling eagle-embossed desk on which Hitler signed the Munich Agreement of 1938 was also sold for around £276,000 in the same year.
Yeah, right. Hitler.
Oh, the only piece of hitlerabilia I posses is a book "Through the Hitler's Window". By Dennis Turbin, artist and a poet, dedicated by the author, to my husband.
Gorgeous cover photo by my old professor and excellent photographer,  Goeffrey James. 

A pair of Queen Victoria’s bloomers

I don't know how they look, but I like those better.
Image ID 828310
Source: NY Library
(...) royal underwear sold last November for £360 to a clothing collector. Bidders from around the world vied for the linen bloomers, which have a 38” waist and are embroidered with the initials VR. As auctioneer James Grinter told the BBC at the time: “you can’t get more personal than royal pants.”


George Washington’s hair

(...)A few strands donated by the Curtis-Powell family sold for £3,907 in 2012. DNA verification has proven impossible in many (if not all) cases, but there are plenty more strands for sale online…
Ooooooooooh, gross... 
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