12 Jan 2013

"Buy local" corporate gift

Original, useful, local, beautiful, unusual corporate gift ideas:

  • Native-made object from the Manitobah Mukluks - an array of hand-made accessories, moccasins, gloves, you name it. If it doesn't fit the person who had received he will give it to his daughter of a neighbour, or maybe it will fit him like glove... It will not end up in a garage.
    Items costing as little as $15.00 to the hundreds. Look: http://store.manitobah.ca/collections/accessories/products/mitt
Disclaimer: I do not work for this company and I do not get paid to advertize, I do not own their product but as soon as I have some disposable funds I may... I would surely like to have their moccasins or winter gloves!!!
  • Set of Limited Edition prints by local artists - prints on archival paper, nicely packaged, described, certified and ready for display.
    Cost starting at, say, $120.00 depending on the number of prints and size.
    Link to the proposal coming soon...
Disclaimer: I DO produce such Limited Edition, I make them totally professionally and beautifully.

Other ideas, not very stilff upper-lip-corporate type:

  • A gift certificate for whatever amount required from an amazing local bakery called True Loaf.    http://www.trueloaf.ca/ 
    Young bakers are producing artisan, superbly delicious, totaly healthy, sour-dough based breads.
Disclaimer: I do not endorse their product, I just love the bread and highly recommend it.
  • A gift certificate to a local Used Bookstore (I can recommend some, if you only ask) or an art gallery, used music store or vintage de≈≈cor? 
  • Gift certificate for the local organic produce supply

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