11 Jan 2013

I am a patriot!

I do appreciate the inexpensiveness of some common goods and I do understand that they mostly come from far away. Perhaps buying some things from Asia is OK because the world is our home too and people in China or India deserve being able to export their products.

However, in more specific cases I always promoted and sought local product and local talent.
In my professional life I emphasized in the contract bidding that my largest graphic display units are made in Canada, right down to Chicoutimi-generated aluminium parts.
I was surprised how little weight this particular this position had - even though the displays were not more expensive than the imports.

I was surprised to hear many contractors complaining about graphic service contracts for the local public services such as Police, Fire Departament etc were going out of province.
Our tax dollars leave our pockets and the businesses it promotes will not pay back their business tax to our city, even not to our province.
In the meantime the City elders complain over the lack of revenues to pay for our infrastructure.
At the same time, our neighbouring city located in another province claims record high revenues.
Does it take a scientific brain to figure it out?
It's not that we should become xenophobic in our purchasing practice, but some basic economic common sense would help.

Finally the Premier of our province has spoken on the note of "Buy Local".
Pity he spoke just before leaving the office...

We know that corporations, government departments or larger organizations buy corporate gift. Well, it is a nice thing to acknowledge a retiring employee not only with a golden handshake but a small gift as well. Other occasions for corporate gifting surely abound.

So it wouldn't be a smart idea to give something of VALUE, something with AUTHENTICITY that subscribes to the idea of promoting local talent and local business INSTEAD of a "Thank you" engraved piece of Made in China crystal glass or anodized whatever that will surely end up in a garage with NO CHANCE for being used, re-used, reclaimed, spoken about etc etc etc.
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