10 Mar 2013

Dame Norka & Miss Maja

Dedicated to: Lulu, Aiki (Bubba), Sarenka and now Norka and Maja.
Thanks for sharing their wonderful lives with us,
giving so much love and PRICELESS life lessons....

In my lifetime, the democratic idea  that we are inventing ourselves is almost convincing. It is only when we get scared, pissed or really unsatisfied that we "reconnect" and seek causes, counting on the prospects of influencing the effects.

Our freedoms and independence, our thinking that we really have a say on the outcomes of our lives is a rather naïve notion. Well, we may have a say, but that would could not make us neither healthy or wealthy.

Consequently, we may indemnify ourselves from the guilt if we did not make it to the Top Ten. Plus - we can always make up some good list that will place us in the Top 10.

Dame Norka
 Those glam portraits of
the girls were taken yesterday
by my distinguished
colleague, Alex.
Miss Maia
Look: all four quarters of her face are different...
My younger cat, Maia started going to heat, she is still rather small but soon we will pay a visit to the vet... In the meantime we observe the whole array of sexual behaviors.

This female is a house cat, she has never seen a "boy" and she couldn't take it from the "Last Tango in Paris". Yet she is displaying such an intricate and consistent sequence of acts:
showing her bum, tilting the tail to make sure there's not doubt which body part is in focus. She really calls for attention and even tries to get under Norka who is already fixed and has no idea what the little one is all about...

It is impressive how this pattern is designed and played with immense detail and precision.

Perhaps this is why no-one discusses such theoretical subjects such as Free Will etc. Between the impact of advertising and our genetically predisposed patterning, how do we get to be free...

Wondering why would anyone blame anyone for smoking, incest, tax evasion, theft, you name it.
I don't know. 
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