4 Mar 2013

Lenkiewicz 1941-2002

I have never heard of this British artist (of Polish origin).
Somebody has just emailed me this short vid:

The Painter and Danielle in Candlelight (Lot 532)
Robert O Lenkiewicz (1941-2002)
The Painter and Danielle in Candlelight
oil on canvas
I've researched a bit more and really he was a fascinating, very prolific artist, avid antiquarian books collector. His amazing library was definitely worth seeing. Valued at £1million.
Now, it took apparently 12 yrs since he's died at 71 from heart attack. This is how long it too to settle his estate. So the amazing library which has dispersed by now...





Over forty years Lenkiewicz built up a library of some 25,000 volumes[7] devoted to art, the occult sciences, demonolatry, magic, philosophy, especially metaphysics, alchemy, death, psychology and sexuality, preoccupations which surface in some of his paintings. His collection of books on magic and witchcraft was one of the finest in private hands and was largely sold at Sotheby's in 2003, and a substantial part of the remainder of his library was sold at auction in May 2007 by Lyon & Turnbull.

More on Bibliotheca Lenkiewicziana
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