7 Mar 2013

The Opera or the Dishwasher

There is a great number of the opera houses in England.
But this is so amazing, it is a private gig, the Glyndebourn.
It belongs to the rich family of the Christi's, if I am not mistaken. Probably a Trust.
The 2012 Festival season delivered three productions!

Regrettably, in Ottawa we do not have the Opera House.
I was about to deliver another drang-und-sturm to "empower" the wealthy sector of our community on that subject, but not. Because perhaps it is not neccessary.
Well, we do have the National Art Centre but I've heard the main roles are usually played by the Unions. I don't know.

File:Dishwasher open for loading.jpg
 A dishwasher

Oh, I just heard on the CBC we have deployed into space the first military satellite, apparently it's size is that of a dishwasher. I wonder if it plays music nearly as well as the British at Glyndebourn.
I wonder why us - we must have watched too much time in Space with William Shatner...

BUT, on the other hand, I wasn't too serious about the Opera yet.
We definitely first need the Children's Theatre!

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