22 Mar 2013

Script and décor

I am so glad that for a while now there is such an intense interest in feel and texture of old textiles or objects, often filigree in detail. I had watched young women wearing delicate blouses looking nearly Victorian, if not Marie-Antoine'sque...


Two of my favourite blogs bring images that create a delightful juxtaposition, spanning ca 200 yrs:
* see more on script below...

18th century script
from Trish @ trouvais.com
I love her blog very much, the colour and her choices for inspiration; we see to have shared the same read of décor mags in the past and demonstrably - the passion persists...
Op-art like 
textile design from
Habitat collection
(UK online store)


And for those who still favour texture over line:
This trendy and well designed piece is from Norway.     
Designed and produced by the Rebel Wallcoverings.
Posted by the super Norwegian blogger, Franciska

I am rather curious how the Rebel Wallcoverings will do marketing because their designs are great and the materials and technology I am very familiar with.

For a number of years I was directly involved in designing and producing wall-coverings.
Effectively engineered wall-covering materials from KoroGraphics and DreamScape made a lot of progress in this graphic niche.
However, all my orders were institutional, some in Canada, others in the U.S. The installation of those materials was easy, water-based roll-on adhesive works like a charm. The materials are very dimensionally stable so is was no worry about shrinkage etc.
The market that the Norwegian colleagues may a lot more receptive - judging by the sophistication and diversification of interior décor shown on European blogs and magazines they do have a good chance to succeed.
Their price tag is 295.00 Nor. Kroner,  that's about Can$ 52.00 per square Meter, which I would say is excellent and very comparable with what my pricing was.
Definitely, I love this stuff!

More on Script

I must return to the 18th century script, Trish from Trouvais.com has posted a YT vid on an artist who excelled in being inspired and transmitting the beauty and the visual intricacy of the old French calligraphic script into modern art, décor and textile design - Carolyn Quartermaine:
It MUST be seen.

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