6 Apr 2015

The Colourful and Loving Watteau

Uff, I have really abandoned my blog for a while...
I have resumed some great reading, a translated "French XVIII c Painters".
What a great great - written more than a century ago, perfect Easter read...

Kirsch, Adam "Masters of indiscretion" in The New York Sun August 29, 2006
Their novels did not make a mark, their plays flipped, by the time they were old they were desperate to save their name from oblivion.
They rescued for quite sometime with their "Journals", I have not read them because I am not THAT interested in the life of the French society in the second part of the XIXc, but I sooo much enjoy their writing about Watteau, Chardin and others.
It has been written at the time when the masters of the 18th century were almost forgotten, once under the generous patronage of Louis the XVth, not fetching much interest nor pricing at the auctions by the time of the book was written.
The Goncourts name is of course immortalized by Edmond's bequest and the consequent renowned Prix Goncourt for Literature.
Anyway, the NY Sun blurb is announces the publication of the Journals.

I, for now, enjoy immensely the French Painters, the language is fresh manner is enthusiastic, I will definitely definitely take another, more careful look at the authentically delicate and joyful painting of Watteau after reading this.

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