21 Dec 2013

Christmas - another reason to be creative

It is the 21st of December, and the Christmas will definitely happen this year and it will surely be a WHITE one.
I am enjoying again my last year's acquisition, a glass nativity, placed atop a vintage doily.

I also look at other Nativity scenes that people make that are just soooo wonderful.

This "conceptual" Nativity scene has been sent by my friend Monika:
des.: Emilie Voirin
And here is the Nativity that can melt any heart:
Wooden peg dolls clad in felt, walnut shell for a Baby Jesus crib!!! 

This music goes well with the spirit of contemplation.
It is sung by divine Monserrat Figueras, R.I.P. who uncovered and restored an ancient voice of the times of Middle Ages and Baroque.

Previously I had written about her HERE

With this video I would like to wish Marry Christmas to all my friends, colleagues, clients, neighbours, fans (!), family members and accidental visitors on this page.
Sorry for this vid disappearing for a while but here is another source:

Mareta, mareta, no'm faces plorar 

Lullaby (Catalan)

Mareta, mareta, no'm faces plorar, 
compra'm la nineta avui qu'es el meu sant. 
Que tinga la nina hermosos els ulls, 
la cara molt fina i els cabells molt rull. 

Marieta, Marieta jo es cantaré 
una cançoneta que ta adormiré. 
Dorm-te, neneta, dorm si tens son. 
Dorm-te, neneta, dorm si tens son. 

Mommy, Dear Mommy, Don't Make Me Cry 

Lullaby (English)

Mommy, dear Mommy, don't make me cry, 
Today is my saint's day, so buy me a doll. 
Let the doll have beautiful eyes, 
A pretty face and very curly hair. 

Mary, little Mary, I will sing you 
A ditty and I'll lull you to sleep. 
Sleep, little one, sleep, if you're sleepy. 
Sleep, little one, sleep, if you're sleepy.
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