19 Dec 2013

Lucas Cranach the Elder, still leading...

The most frequently read post of this blog is the one on Melancholy and the paintings of Lucas Cranach. I admire his painting and that of his influence. 

Lucas Cranach the Elder, Portrait Study of a Young Man, c.1530. Paper, 26.2 x 19.9 cm.
Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum. Detail. (Foto: Heydenreich, cda)

Lucas Cranach the Elder, The Apostle Peter, c.1515. Panel, 26.5 x 17.5 cm.

I couldn't resist and would like to dedicate those two close-ups from his paintings to my fellow Cranach fans.
Lucas has clearly made a transition from Medieval to Renaissance.

The eye of the Apostle Peter s how so much more three-dimensionality and the crafted reflections of the room in a shape of the cross bring so much more narrative to the painting.
Those are a part of a Cranach have been found on a wonderful site http://www.art-in-duesseldorf.de/

One envies the rich European culture scene....

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