1 Nov 2011

Allure of France

Among my priced collection of old magazines is a Special Issue a July 1989 issue of House & Garden magazine.

The cover shot - delightful round table, heavy with cloth and colour
This must have been a somewhat "seminal" edition, perhaps a successful predecessor of certain interior decorating style because years later I have spotted photographs from this issues on various blogs. Among them Trouvais showed the very table I am trying to present below and some really coolly adorned contemporary coffee set that I may show later.
You may see more pics from that marvelous issue on Trouvais (found goods) blog by Trish in her
Happy Bastille post:
Although I loved the "frenchness" of the cover picture, the colours and the nonchalant richness of the scene, the article and more photographs inside the issue shows the beautiful home of wealthy family of profume makers in Provance.

"On the Rue de Rivoli" article show work and small garden of one of Parisian designers, Marie-Paule Pelle. I loved that lush tiny garden wedged between walls of neighbouring mansions.
A different style table, also round, rustic but notably more English rustic style. 
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