Graphic Production

This is definitely the broadest category of my work.
Various applications, indoor, outdoor, opaque, translucent, mounted or laminated.
Sometime the graphics are cut-out, routed, heat-trimmed, hemmed, hanged, suspended, applied, wrapped etc etc.

The other day something like this came out of my press....

Next day it is something like this:

Sometime those become more complex objects, like those:
Textile banners, Canadian War Museum

Specialty finishing - panels, Mus. Naure

Display panels, Mus. of Nature, Ottawa

Digital decals, special graphic effects, Mus.Civilization

Wall digital graphics, vinyl cut-out applications, Mus.Civilization

Custom shape cut-outs, digital print, Canadian War Museum

Wallcoverings, digital print, Canadian War Museum

The Ottawa Children's Festival - banners
Textile banners - Paper Paper/SPAO
Custom photographic panels, Magpie Jewellery
photo art: Pedro Ishtin

Display panels, mounted - fragm. Canadian War Museum
It is shown here for sentimental reasons - the "Nettie Sharpe" Exhibition was a pure marvel for a vintage/antique collection.
Really marvelous showcase of fine Canadiana 
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