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William Notman - Composite

As some of  you know, one of my day jobs is to reproduce art from public or otherwise notable collections of paintings of photographs. I have been doing it for a long time, some projects stand out for various reasons, which I will try to mention. Usually, because they are more interesting, more challenging, more complex or simply just more fun.

William Notman was a Scottish photographer and businessman. Notman was born in Paisley, Scotland in 1826, the same year in which photography was born in France. William Notman moved to Montreal in 1856. Wikipeadia
In broad strokes, the entrepeneurial Scott settled in Canada, impressed Queen Victoria with some photographic (after all, at the time it was a novelty) gifts in the theme of Canadiana and became "Photographer to the Queen".Over time he formed several highly successful businesses and partnerships. His favourable reputation was growing.

The distinguished directorate in my reproduction

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Reproducing the portraits of W.E. Logan et al

Sir William Edmond Logan FRSE FRS FGS was a Scottish-Canadian geologist. Logan was born in Montreal, Quebec, and educated at the High School in Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh. Wikipedia
  • Born: April 20, 1798, Montreal
  • Died: June 22, 1875, Pembrokeshire

Reproduced by ARTzink Studio
In brief, Logan was considered the father of Canadian geology, his contribution was immense and he was revered.
On the April 14, 1842 - Became the first director of the Geological Survey of Canada, a predecessor of today's National Resources Canada. 

The official portrait, set in the gilded 19th century frame has remained with the Geological Survey for over a century.
Notable Composite of the members of the GSC by W. Notman indicates that Logan is not longer among the living members, the likeness of this portrait is shown in the top left area of the gouache-painted background of the composite.
The tradition of painted portraiture followed until photographic portraits  became accepted as alternative to painting -  modern and economically viable solution. 
The small gallery of the original Directors of the GSC is an interesting artifact in the study of 19th century Canadian Establishment. Below, portrait of Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn, Logan's successor as the director of GSC.
A.R.C Selwyn, reproduction by ARTzink Studio


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