29 May 2011

Antony Romaszewski

Antoni Romaszewski died a little over a year ago.
Antek was a friend, a fellow artist and a compatriot, and a compadre with whom we had spent more time disagreeing than not, and it all suited  us and kept everyone nicely tensed.
Well-read, opinionated, prolific artist, and art elitist, consummate in everything.
Created intricate collages, staged objects playing the screenplay of his design.
I loved his home.
I love the homes where I do not feel afraid that if I am stranded there by some mysterious chance, I will shrivel from boredom. I wish to emerge after 3 days of emergency confinement filled with music I listened, movies I watched, books I had read, paintings I had seen, things I head heard and learned.....

Antony played a big one on all of us.

His heart gave out too soon, he was 56 years old and we were supposed to have fun now, when the children are grown up and gone, stresses of the mid-live race are subsiding and life is supposed to get easier, slower and more fun.
Well, death is a strict mistress, you cannot bargain.
Perhaps you can, but we couldn't, there was no chance.

We miss him very much, there are two small paintings of Antek in my Studio, I photographed them for everyone to enjoy.

Oil painting, Can$ 950.00
Oil painting, Can$ 850.00


Plans for commemorative book and retrospective exhibition of his work are continuing.
I will keep everyone posted.
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