16 Sep 2014

Ist World War Colour Photographs

For the longest time I was planning to share my little stash of those amazing photographs.
Yes, they are truly in colour, not tinted - Autochrome process (you know, the died potato starch etc)

Since I focused on their visual aspect, not the documentary - I did not collect the titles, sites etc.
Those are views of France and again, it is one of the ways I do Remember the Great War.

Those photos are sourced from once posted public archive.
I do not recall the exact site, but against that very event, I stashed some for future sharing.
I hope you will find the as fascinating as I do. 

5 Sep 2014

Pre-war Polish advertising

I had found some really cool pieces of pre-war Polish advertising.
Some, especially those Art-deco ones are really worth sharing:

It is also terribly exciting to see in the Most read recently surfacing "The Sweater" by M. Caddell, now practically a piece of Canadian art history - still, great stuff, I strongly recommend that you see this!

Reklamy promujące czytelnictwo, fot. materiały archiwalne

Przedwojenne reklamy odwołujące się do zmysłu estetycznego odbiorcy, fot. materiały archiwalne


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