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This summer have produced many collections of interesting fine art prints. Developing relationships with artists over consecutive assignments is my day job's wonderful angle.

Recently I have returned from abroad with a precious cargo:
a small portfolio of digital files, photographs of several of my dear Mother's watercolours.
I was able to access only several of the works and removed them from frames.
They were photographed in relatively primitive conditions:
no, tripod, simple but diffused daylight (my Mom's balcony), I was able to take two-part shots which allowed rather comfortable close-up. Extensive Photoshop followed at stitching to accommodate for random perspectives. I have produced a beautiful small edition print collection with relates strongly to the historical views of Lomianki, a place near Warsaw where most of the work has been devoted to. 
Current prints are small, approx 11" x 14" to fit the frames and mats which so appropriately fit the work. 
I shall arrange a small exposition of my mother works.
I will be happy to have some of my friends come and see. It would be great to have my Mother attend the little Vernissage.
Hmmm, never know. She is a relentless traveller...

Below I will try to bring up examples of editions of fine art prints that my Studio has helped to create to some wonderful artists. Of course, the list is much larger, but sampling has just begun - I still need to seek permissions, collect images and relevant references, and so on.
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 Alexei Kintero
images that convey personality


Running in Circles  ($350), Mea Cuba Collection (2012) 27.5x18 inches    
Printed on Archival Fine Art Paper   by ARTzink Studio
 ©2012 Alexei Kintero

Ordering Prints

Prints can be ordered by email. Price of prints depend on size and paper of your preference. For more information, please send email to or
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Loggers, watercolour                    © Reid Blair
Digital edition available on cotton paper
or matte canvas


Reid Blair

Reid Blair was an enthusiastic and experienced watercolourist.
For many years he was an instructor at Laurential College in Cornwall, Ontario.
He has left an compelling collection of Canadiana.

Boats, watercolour                                                                     © Reid Blair
Digital edition available on cotton paper or matte canvas

Shugar Shanty, archival fine art paper,   
© Reid Blair

Farm,  archival fine art paper
© Reid Blair

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