27 Feb 2014

24 Feb 2014

Bitterly cold but life in the Centertown is going strong

I have neglected my reporting duties, for which I apologize faithful friends and fans...
While I am busy relocating by graphic studio (fret not - just around the corner, same building, entrance from Lyon st; Details will be posted shortly)

However, moving or not, life goes on and even though sometime I am dropping off my feet, there is still fun.

Winter Jazz 2014 was great - the Blind Boys of Alabama at the Dominion Chalmers were amazing. The great magic of the gospel singing tradition is known, those men (median age sixty-some?) have brought the audience to a standing ovation and the temperature rose by at least 15 degrees)

Sorry for the shaky pics, but the balcony floor was shaking from the feet stomping and my throat was sore from all the yelling and shouting. A-man.

Other local news:
Jason's antique outfit has closed and here are the last little pieces of unwanted material history I had purchased:

A small figure of Kuanon - Japanese godess of Mercy, still stands on the kitchen counter, and has no complaints.
As I dashed to double-check the common spelling of the deity, I found the amazing entry on Wikipedia: the whole List of cultural references in The Cantos .
I love Ezra Pound and was amazed that someone compiled this list, but furthermore - that it has been posted as an autonomous entry. This is sooo great!

Some kind of Grecian "thingy", will be great as a pencil holder, tea was not included with the purchase.
Teacup - from the neighbour.
Excellent Ahmed tea - from Arya, the Iranian food store.

Here is a close up of its beautiful, elegant and comfortably warm matter. ---->
All women love it, which convinces me of its merits.

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