24 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013

Best wishes.

Thanks to markfromireland to posting this carol on YouTube:

22 Dec 2011

Work Samples - Retail Graphics

Being a graphic production professional I had produced considerable amount of work that functioned as a backdrop to other products, whether that was to sell jewellery, grocery or horse cosmetics (yep, uhmm,  organic stuff!

All photos in this post feature shots from work done for Provigo and Loeb, later Metro food stores in Ontario and Quebec during several years of this industry's  massive expansion.
Many displays assumed a dual purpose - as signage and décor.

This campaign had successfully transformed the look of our large grocery stores from mere food warehouses to a much more delicatessen-like experience.
It started in the 1990-ies when a young Ottawa interior design intern, Josee  proposed a modest in volume graphic arch and asked us to design a series of appetizing food compositions.
Those were printed on canvas and mounted on semi-oval, black-bordered fiberboard panel.
The visual inclusion in the stores created such staggering impression of class and energy and the concept took on assuming many shapes and forms.
I shall post more pics on the subject later.

In the meantime, if you would like me to design and/or produce stunning visuals for your store, you know what to do - you may email me at bbstudios@rogers.com
More other Retail graphic samples in other posts....

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