7 Dec 2011

Work Samples - Murals

Art-Deco styled mural on canvas, Hilton Hotel, Gatineau
For 20 years we have been involved in producing digitally-based graphic prints. Mural applications from the very beginning were one of the main products. Many of them I have also designed or collaborated in their design. Installation method varied form self-adhesive vinyl or textile to water-based paste for textured wallcoverings. View few samples.
Group of Seven reproduction on canvas, mural size,
Fairmont Hotel, Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta

Canvas mural, Fairmont Hotel - Chateau Lake Louise AB
Chateau Lake Louise was a large project involving producing large scale enlargements from most notable works of the Great Landscape tradition of the 19th and 20th century in America. Transparencies for the reproductions were coming from such  respectable collections as National Gallery of Canada, Canada Pacific, Harward University Art Collection, McCorm and so on.
The project definitely deserves more words and I may create a separate post on this subject.

Design of a mural can based on a photograph, photo-montage, illustration or otherwise composed graphic. The cost of production depends on the scale of the work, design complexity and fabrication.
If you wish to order a mural, please contact me by email at bbstudios@rogers.com

Floral mural, Ottawa

Religious Art - backdrop to sculptural installation;
Saint Thomas University Chapel, Aimes, OH US
Mural design - H.Ratajczak, M.Slota
Sculpture - J. Kenar, Chicago US
Design - Neville Smith, Ottawa
Design - Neville Smith, Ottawa
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