19 Mar 2013

Last day of Winter

Ufff, the day is ending and I hope to be heading for the sack soon...
It's late and the sound of snow plows beeping on the street creating a havoc...
Today I was non-stop in-and-out of the studio, personal life clashing with work, luckily the clients were very nice people, happy with the work, and appointments were not too painful...

Later I met an old "army buddy" of ours - a woman we had worked with years ago on several projects for one of the NGOs, we were designing their publications, the work was interesting but the NGO is no more. We met in the Dairy/Condiments isle, just by the pickle section. 

For those who need to know:
Gewürzgurke, Renee Comet (photographer), Wikipedia  ----->

We passed by and we both turned - Pam! Hanna! We both wore black clothes, and she felt nice and warm when we hugged.  
When you meet someone you haven't been in touch for a long time certain question follow.
The answers were positive to the usual questionnaire: same man - check, same bed - check, then we count of children - 3 girls, and me - I guess, 1 and a half plus honorary grandchildren.
(my count reflects one kid with him plus a half-brother from the previous, so the stepson's kids = grandchildren honoris causa...)
The other year I had a déjà vu, I thought I had seen F.
Could be, he's now in Nepal. I am still in touch with his ex.
File:Temple (anatomy) (PSF).pngOh yeah? L, that's her name? 
Oh, you remember this... Their daughter is now 17.  
Holly crap, time flies... What about you? 
Oh, you know, getting old, shaving now...
No longer working for the SKW but now in the KKT, 3 daughters... 
You look young - I am being totally honest, she looks young and very well.
Have I read "The Cellist of Sarajevo"?
No, she tells me what's it about. In the meantime I pickup a can of Sourkraut, it's Easter coming, again time to cook something folky.
A moment of panic - this book is about war, no I cannot read fiction about war, not now when M is sick, how can I tell this to Pam, she is such an nice woman and perhaps I could try, no, I have read too much of non-fiction that I cannot. 

We exchange current contact info and I return to the isle for the pickles.
I feel warm after meeting Pam, I am curious about how her children look like... 
The first thing I noticed that her beautiful dark curly hair hasn't changed in the past 15 years, there is just a sliver of silver showing. 

File:Péndulo de Foucault-20110815-125224-2191-1000d-a2b2.jpgThe Earth travels the space with incredible speed, it's practically hurling and it is almost unbelievable that we are not swept off the planet's surface by this cosmic speed of things.
In all this rush, it is so nice to see there is a touch of white hair shining on the woman's temple, like a jewel, so very closely to the skin. 
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