2 Mar 2013

Hoping to be stranded for a week in this man's house

Many have seen his work, the quirky-stylish, quasi-Victorian images.
It's become part of the trend for quite a few years now.

Recognize this? -->

Yes, the plates bear designs by Piero Fornasetti


"Italian designer Piero Fornasetti was a true master.  He took everyday objects like dinner plates and lamps and imbued them with style and wit.  My favorite series of his is his variation on a woman's face.  His nod to surrealism and use of bold graphics has yielded some of the most iconic images ever created."
The pics come from http://www.phantasmaphile.com/2007/03/piero_fornasett.html

By all means, see this:  Fornasetti's House
You MUST see the site of this artist, you WILL like it!
See the home of the Master's son Barnaba Fornasetti - also a designer and graphic artist, and a true treasurer of his father's legacy.
His home and home-studio is absolutely amazing...

Piero Fornasetti in 1983

As he once said, these are
 “fashion items
that will never
go out of fashion”

If you are not exhausted yet, there is more about who's behind those EYES:
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