9 Aug 2014

The Great War

That was the name for the 1st World War when nobody thought there will be another so soon...

I must say that I "experience" this horrific episode in the history of human kind very often - right from my now small Ottawa Studio.
I often reproduce images from various public collection and the collection of War Art from the Canadian War Museum is most impressive.

On it's summery 100th anniversary Canada celebrated  her immense contribution to this war.
One of the smaller vehicles commemorating that time was an edition of large prints of en immensely poignant images of the ravages of war.
Les brancardiers
The Stretcher-Bearer Party
Peinture par Lieutenant Cyril Henry Barraud
Collection d'art militaire Beaverbrook

 It is a somber depiction, a scene of a morning cold and damp quietude, the sad task of collecting the dead and the wounded.

Another painting related to the subject that I have contemplated quite often and reproduced in a very large scale is this --->

An image of a bombed city, a painting within a painting, great and powerful scene.
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