5 Jul 2011

Further visual memory lane - Roy Gerrard

Further down the visual memory lane:
Over the years I have kept a number of issues of a wonderful publication called Cricket - the magazine for Children. 
Yes, I love children books and illustrations, for years I have moved around and kept my son's early literary collection. Most of the books are now given away, but I hang on to several issues of Cricket.
I am continuously charmed by the cover illustrations, without fail...
Here is one of them, as seen through the shadows of my table-top fern.

The front cover illustration, mesmerizing and enchanting castle and a dwarf knight is by an English illustrator Roy Gerrard. It is wonderful work and my "inner child" is not going to let this cover go in a hundred years.
Gerard Roy died at the age of 62 in 1997 from heart attack, as noted by New York Times.

I  can see that "Rosie and the Rustlers" is available on-line from McMillan.
One reviewer said: Praise for Rosie and the Rustlers
"The Old West has never been more appealing than in this rip-roaring tale of ranchers vs. rustlers [with] clever, charming, and detailed watercolor illustrations." --School Library Journal
I haven't read it but the cover looks so yummy.
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