27 Mar 2014

John Dowland - Come again: sweet love (13)

Melancholia seems one of my popular posts - yes, it is indeed one of my favorite research theme in the history of arts. Here is more, beautiful version by a Polish ensemble - although bitter and sweet in lyrics, it is delicate and joyous celebration of singing "in company":

10 Mar 2014

“The Future is already here; It’s just unevenly dis­trib­uted.” – William Gibson

Future of the Future?

Interesting contributions in the past few years in the discussion...
Bifo: After the Future
“Our future, Berardi argues, has come and gone; the concept has lost its usefulness. Now it’s our responsibility to decide what comes next.”

A transcript of this is here: Transcript -Bifo-after-the-future


9 Mar 2014

Anti-depression therapy

Ok, it is almost a middle of March in Ontario but it is winter.
You can imagine what it does to people.

Here is the best anti-cabin fever therapy:
I have developed it jointly with the best scientists from Stanford and Cambridge, the heads from Humboldt and UCLA were helping us.

Here are the ingredients, you can be liberal in dosage.
You can do it with a friend or alone, standing but preferably sitting down - the dopamine action it is high.
  • boil orange peel in sugar syrup (bit of water and sugar) 'til the aroma fills the space
  • make yourself some espresso or strong French Roast 'til the aroma fills the space
  • listen to THIS until the magic fills the space:

8 Mar 2014

Women's Day

Hey, did you know that it is the International Women's Day today?
The first one took place on the 19th of March, 1911.

<--- Alexandra Kollontai, 1920
A prophet of free love.

(from so interesting blog The Charnel-House)

In celebration of this glorious occasion I had read more on some distinguished woman I felt I did not know enough about.
It is Oriana Fallaci - a journalist, a scrittore, a hard working woman, anti-fashist, and an uncompromising albeit controversial voice, with Polish roots!
Oriana died in 2006 after a long working life.
Lest we forget...

Here is celebratory Cup of Tea - a design by an American designer Lucy Darling, via indispensible Print & Pattern blog.
I would also like to share this link too the work of immensely talented artist Malgorzaa Dawidiuk - essentially working with the Image of an Image.

6 Mar 2014

The Studio has moved

Yes, the Studio has been relocated.
Tighter space, but feels very well and I like it.
Many things still to fix and organize, but that's life.
Sorry - no overhead signage yet, but it is too cold even to think of it, I am also tided up with a job that keeps me focused for a number of weeks.
Perhaps I will just make a quick A-frame sign just to signal where I am.

More info in the Events page.
Here is quick pic of my new front office, still messy but already in colour.

Kudos to Alexei, Martin and Tim (and Madeleine)
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