8 Mar 2014

Women's Day

Hey, did you know that it is the International Women's Day today?
The first one took place on the 19th of March, 1911.

<--- Alexandra Kollontai, 1920
A prophet of free love.

(from so interesting blog The Charnel-House)

In celebration of this glorious occasion I had read more on some distinguished woman I felt I did not know enough about.
It is Oriana Fallaci - a journalist, a scrittore, a hard working woman, anti-fashist, and an uncompromising albeit controversial voice, with Polish roots!
Oriana died in 2006 after a long working life.
Lest we forget...

Here is celebratory Cup of Tea - a design by an American designer Lucy Darling, via indispensible Print & Pattern blog.
I would also like to share this link too the work of immensely talented artist Malgorzaa Dawidiuk - essentially working with the Image of an Image.

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