27 Oct 2013


My visit was a visit to History, of me, my family, the people I know.
A fellow blogger shows archival images of the city that is so much of my and my family history is:

  • The metal Eagle atop the Renaissance Ratusz (City Hall), after the liberation of Poznan was placed back by my grandfather's sister's (aunt "Tiralla") husband

    •  Fara, an amazing church, filled with brown-red marble where my Sis Lul was christened:
      Fara then and now, my grandparents lived just a few blocks from there...
      It is where we used to go to Sunday mass

    • The Church on Fredry Street, where my favourite uncle was married and I fell asleep during the ceremony...
      Where the building is on the very right side of the photo after the war stands one of the most interesting examples of modernist architecture - Okraglak (Rotonda)

      File:POL Poznań Okrąglak.jpg
    •  Okraglak, in the sixties and seventies on the righ side was located amazing Bar Rio, serving even in the hardest time delictious coffe and Vienese Cheesecake and tone of other superb sweets...

    • ulica Wodna (Water Street) is where water was being brought to town from the river, centuries ago, my grandmother and I were going there to a meetshop, after that - to ulica Grobla (Levee Street)

      The tall building at the end of the street was not there after the war, the trams were also not going there, but the gas lanterns I do remember in Poznan.
      When I was very small I saw once in the evening a lantern man turning on the lamp, I knew the moment was magical.
    • Adria Restaurant, my grandparents' favourite Sunday afternoon hangout place before War. After the war, everything changed...

    • All book photos from a friendly blog
      With Ika's permission. Thanks for sharing
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