24 Oct 2013

Old Wooden Skies

More reminiscing from the visit at my Parents.
My dad still holds on to his old wooden skies.
They hold important part of the family history: my Sis and I played and skied on them when we were kids. My Sis Lula once severly "hugged the tree" skiing down the hill...

They look a bit like this, it's a vintage photo from the 40-ies someone posted on eBay:

This is such a well sought item among vintage bloggers, especially Scandinavians.
The often hang it prominently in their modern or rustic fashionable dwellings.

I did not have a chance to take a pic, there were in a darker spot of the storage, but here is a beautiful film on the traditional making of wooden skies.
Don't mind it's in Norwegian, you will understand every bit....

Ole Kristian Ødegård makes skis the old way. Click Here for video
This vid shows you that there is no excuse for those who want to ski, have no $$, are in the wilderness away from sport stores, have no time to shop but have the following:
a shed, a pot of boiling water, a saw, plainer, sandpaper and alike...
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