22 Oct 2013

The Eagle Has Landed

Ok, ok. After a few weeks of browsing the eagle has landed.
It was indescribably wonderful to see my parents, my sister, my old school buddies and meet new friends. Warsaw was beautiful, powerful, busy, generous, historic and elegant.
I enjoyed every bit of the visit.

I was able to take some photographs of my Mother's older watercolours.
There isn't too many of them left, some were lost in a portfolio many many many years ago, many selflessly given away, only few are hanging at my parents' so it was a great priviledge.
I am intending to create a small collection of reproductions made with fine art papers.

Miraculously obtained (kudos to Malgosia J-Z) fat spool of white linen sewing cord will be soon in my busy hands.
Another lucky buy - a thin spool of black linen cord will work it's magic to bind wonderful pages of art prints of the collections into portfolios.

This is an old portrait of me, my Mother took pride in tending to my braid, I did cut it off gladly probably at the age of 14. I felt it was soooo untrendy...
Regrettably this and few other small work had to be shot through the glass, so the repros won't be very large.

This small watercolour was with me ever since I remember.

This was an idealized portrait
of my Sis Lul and I "as young ladies", painted years later. This was sooo much fun to see it again.

Mom and I went several times to the National Museum, the Old galleries were sublime.
The Neatherlandish collection was great. I took some shaky pics with my ipad.
A small exposition of Canaletto's paintings was amazing. Great job with framing - all luminous turquoise sky blues were extrapolated onto the frames.
I cannot describe hose great it was. Breathtaking.

More notes to come...

Oh, just quickly. When I came back, my Favourite Neighbour have me what?
A small collection of vintage English Ironstone plates.
Greenish and brow-green tones. Something I would never buy, but the group is is delightful that I shall keep it with love.
Can life get more fun than this?

The antique yellowish sugar-bowl is an earlier find...
Also English made.
Bottle stopper - a souvenir of the Polish Boleslawiec Ironstone ceramic manufacture. Contemporary, but suits the little four-piece Collection very nicely. Bought in Wilanow.

Airport review?
Warsaw - great, Frankfurt - great,
Pearson - brrrrrrr....
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