9 Sep 2013

I am searching for the inspiration - our old porch at the front of the old and almost "historic" house. Today I have found this, again on the indispensable Obsolete site:

This is just a French architectural model - probably a part of a builder's showroom display.

2 Sep 2013

End of summer

There is this interesting exhibition and I am wondering if I should see it.
I have already seen "The Mill and the Cross" film, based on one of the "Breueghels".
Beautiful film.

With the end of the Summer I need to report on the significant gardening successes.
From the squash seeds fed to squirrels in winter and fallen on the ground - something like this, spontaneously grew this summer.

I have recently let it hang from the wire support that earlier served the peony.

The squash is green and the size of a baby's head.
And I am as excited about it as a young mother.

ONE gladiolus bloomed in the container, it was a gorgeous plant nevertheless. The pink of the flowers was almost effervescent.
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