4 May 2013

Nostalgia - the Looking Out

Recently, again I have been experiencing "bouts" of nostalgia.
A state that has been quintessentially attributed to the mind of an immigrant - the longing for the homeland, the longing for "things lost", things of the past, all this.
In any event, it is a "noble aroma" that evokes strong feelings so prevailing in the art of certain periods. Notably the mid- and second part of the 19th century.
The Late Romanticism, in Northern Europe, the Baltic region, but also strongly in Italy and France.
You know what I mean?
Here is a bit of the sweet aroma, the stillness of Nostalgia - looking out the window, trying to break through the stale and the claustrophobic.
The LONGING for the Safe and the Familiar:

Constant Moyaux
I've added the promised captions!

For a number of days I am forced
to fight less to save the world.
For a while I need to save my own butt...

Johan Christian Dahl

Hans Olaf Heyerdahl

Jan Vermeer

Vilhelm Hammershoi - Bedroom

Woman at a Window Caspar David Friedrich

Salvador Dali

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