21 May 2013

Morpho ventor - body language

Thank you for this gift.
Somebody flew to Aruba to take some well-deserved rest.
The same body brought me a framed exquisite body of a morpho ventor butterfly.
I did collect (dead) forest bugs, in my early teens, but although butterfly collections are now trendy, I did not wish for a collection of dead insect bodies.

However, I got one. One beautiful butterfly, framed, with glass on both sides. It accounts to an amazing body this once was. Now it is a preserved piece of most unbelievable architecture, proof of amazing function, strength and relative durability, and - superbly beautiful visual display.
At night, with a bit of illumination coming from the street the thin translucent wings catch light.

In graphic production terminology we would call it edge-lighting effect.
I am now mesmerized by this butterfly.
The treasure atop of the fireplace mantel, frozen in time...

Microscopic images of butterfly scales (Wiki):

SEM image of a Peacock wing, slant view 2.JPG SEM image of a Peacock wing, slant view 3.JPGSEM image of a Peacock wing, slant view 4.JPG
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