24 May 2013

Victorian kitchen garden

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-hyo5FoL4I6s/UZuHXiW2Y7I/AAAAAAAAjAM/RrvTZhxI92I/s1600/Rhododendron-Image-GraphicsFairy.jpgThis comes from an 1880's Agricultural Magazine and generously shared by the indispensable Graphics Fairy LLC.

I am intending to use this Victorian treasure as a nicely toned wall-hanging, printed on canvas. Even a relatively low-resolution file can produce a substantial size canvas, with undeniably great decorative appeal.

Something similar and very chic I had just seen in a perfect gray blog, the graphic comes from Sweden and is absolutely serene.

The Victorian botanical engravings are irresistible.
They also remind me of one of my all-time favourite television productions.
It is the Victorian Kitchen Garden BBC series on old-time gardening restoration project - restoring an old estate garden along with the period-correct tools, techniques and varieties.
The series and its off-shoots deserve a whole separate post...
Image of Swedish Wall Decor, Blue Geranium (Linen)
This is a definitely beautiful arrangement and a successful
graphic concept.

Botianical Clip Art ButterflyHere is just one more image from the great Graphics Fairy that links the Victoria Garden theme with my one-butterfly collection 

Actually here is the link to the marvelous BBC Victorian Kitchen Garden series - instant therapy!
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