14 May 2013

The Found Library at the age of Cornucopia

This is my little Found Library. I will take a prominent place in my home library.
Well, big word, to some extent - a random but much loved book collection.

Spineless treasures, as found,
on the Studio's window sill.
See the light glowing on the
edges of he pages?
I found those books put out as paper recycling, just passing on my way to my Studio. Blocks of nicely typeset books with no covers - naked dames, stripped of their modesty. Baudelaire on top of Milton, Stendhal, then Blake, Secret Agent by J.Conrad, Vanity Fair, a couple more. Basically - heavy metal, the stuff I should have read, but didn't, leaving it for "when I grow up"...
Some are from those small pocket-size editions from the 20ies. I had bought some from those oldies before to study the typography, the ornate spines, the art-deco frontispieces.
I was almost as thrilled as if I had found a baby in a trash bin. I carried my precious load to studio and sorted it. I felt heroic. I saved a treasure from the peril. This will make a difference in someone's life.

I sense envy among my Shabby chic
fellow bloggers over such organic
Today recovered The Mirror
of Art, Classical Studies

I have decided to take care of those books and read them - not necessarily The Lady Montagu's letters from a to zeee, but I will surely read the whole The Mirror of Art, the critical essays by the bad boy Baudelaire, minus the 30 pages the books is missing!
They are now modestly clad in hand-made simple covers, with ad-hoc laid cover graphics and acetate dust jackets that give them irresistibly chic sheen...

I love my symbolic find - the Found Library is entering my home.

Until now, we mostly thought that only the Nazis were destroying books. I WOULD PICK THEM UP BEFORE THE COVERS WERE RIPPED!!!

Still, they could have been put on the street, but should not have been damaged.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

30 tons of Books Set to be Burned

Pains my heart to see this, but that is a lot of books to have to deal with.  Hopefully the news article inspires a few people to divide and take on the mass of books she’s dealing with.
Here is another one:
Arlington, Texas

Library books tossed in Arlington dumpster



Posted on April 16, 2010 at 6:24 PM

ARLINGTON - In a dumpster off Division Street in Arlington,
a pile of books were found dumped.

And so on, and so on....

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