6 May 2013

Nostalgia unbound

The strong feeling of nostalgia has passed - like all thoughts and feelings, but it will arise again and again. Silvestro Lega, is one painter who always triggers the specifically flavoured sensation:


The women he paints are so perfectly dissociated, there is this overwhelming solitude in the air...

Here is someone's "reenactment" of the scene:
Someone has taken pretty assertive stance - below is a superbly captivating interpretation of another painting by the same artist.

Quadri vivendi, the original version:  

The same scene reenacted, with the scene from the painting inserted as a graphic banner.

I don't know who the artist/photographer is but it is cool fun.

The reenactments come from a super interesting Italian blog: http://artepignato.blogspot.ca/2010/09/quadri-viventi-di-silvestro-lega.html
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