25 Apr 2013

Beauty of type

SPHHforme1bI have published this photo by error, before putting together the rest of the post...
Oh well, so it will stay.

This pic comes from one of my favs - poppytalk.com
The talented blog editor came to own a considerable set of those marvels and made actual imprints from it.
Valiant effort, although, in my opinion, the physical appearance of the type pieces, the sublime relief and amazing coloration is hard to match in print... Undeniably, setting the whole page, spacing properly and generating the print must have been super fun.

I too own a considerable
collection of those pieces.
I have only 3 wooden pieces,
about 2" high ---->

Here's how they shine proudly
occupying a spot on the fireplace mantle.

Interesting is the proliferation of wooden pieces.
I thought that they were all made of metal - like the top corner bit in the page that poppytalk was setting.
Perhaps small type used for setting regular copy was metal-made, so it woulnd't wear fast, but the less frequently used, large sizes could be made from wood.
Beautiful artifact of times gone by...

The rest of my "type collection" consists of a couple of photographs of drawers full of various sizes and style of also wooden display fonts (large sizes). I will post it later.

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