8 Aug 2013

A glipmse of the II WW history...

I feel excited, this morning I found a small treasure:
several banknotes which may be revealing its (and likely the book's owner's) IIWW military route, as a Polish II Corp, major tactical and operational unit of the Polish Armed Forces in the West, under Gen. W. Anders

The formative connection with the British Forces begun in the Middle East:
Lebanon 25 Piastres 1942 Poor-G  P. 36
25 Piastres, Rep. of Lebanon, 1942
Italy Allied Military Currency AMC 10 Lira PM19b 1943 aEF
Banknote issued in 1943 by the British
Army for circulation in Tripolitania *

continuing through Italy,

Paper Money Austria 1944 1 schilling Military Issued *
Allierte militarbehorder - 1 shilling,
military issued, 1944 edition

going up North through Austria

50 groschen (small denomination)
also military series, 1944

until Berlin.

Nazi Germany 1937 1 Rentenmark note. Pre World War II issue
Nazi-issued banknote, 1937
Since I had to research the nature and history of those notes, I copied some images, in a little bit I will photograph the original bills I had found...

Something else has been found that sheds more interesting lite on the fate of the finds:an Army Form - A LOADING List.
The form is in English, but filled in Polish.
It is clearly listing supplies for a large number of people it is dated January 1946, which is before all Polish military personnel was disband from the British forces.

Gen Anders inspecting Armoured Forces Training Centre with
Gen Przewlocki and Col Szostak in the background Italy 1945

This amazing encounter with the History of the 2nd World War was attached to a small book, entitled "L'Inquiétude sexuelle" by Dr Pierre Vachet.
It is the title of a book where I found the notes.

I will post more about my inheriting a major book collection where this book was found.
I will also post more about the Polish Armoured Forces and their pet bear!

* For those who may be interested in the subjects here is an excerpt from the Powerhouse Museum, Sidney Australia website:

Object statement
Allied military currency (4), 1, 2, 5, and 10 lire, paper, made by Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, for use by Allied troops, Italy, 1943
 Statement of significance
Military currency and occupation money are money provided for the use of military personnel serving in occupied territory. Depending on circumstances, military currency can be provided by an aggressor or a liberator and take a variety of forms for use by military and / or local populations. In the case of Hawaii in WWII military currency was swapped for the US dollars on the island in preparation for a possible Japanese invasion.

Read more: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=378396#ixzz2eS14aLPe
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial
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