30 Aug 2013

Emotional Response

This is why we prefer finding and doing things we are familiar with - the create the sense of familiarity and security - a desired although highly unreliable emotional response...

I admit I am getting a lot of entertainment, free of charge, sometime at 7 am.
Today we were waking to a life performance of "O sole mio" - not professional but valiant nevertheless performance. Whether one of our neighbours finally came out of the closet with this talent, or an enthusiastic guest...
Well, I am betting on a newly moved neighbour whom I do not know yet...

More positive emotional response?
Vintage inspiration from the net below:
via Antique Daisy

Do you think you cannot get enough of opera singing on Saturday morning?
By now, "O sole mio" was run several times and so was "Nessum Dorma".
I guess you  may say Ottawa is resuming it's colourful phase.
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