8 Jan 2012

Winter through the frost

It is pretty much the zenith of winter, Christmas long past and Easter so far ahead...
Sometime there is cold inertia in the air. Those particles of energy get so cold and so spaced out they just forget doing their job. (is that what they call nuclear physics?)
Luckily, whatever the damages brought by global warning are, for us living in the Southern Ontario it feels like a pretty good thing. Especially in Ottawa - we have more snow, but winter last not as long as I remember at the turn of the 80/90ies, and not as cold.

In our sector (arts/design/graphic) going South never seems like real danger.
Median income in our industry is not allowing for silly thoughts, such as going far.
And although I miss the Sun's rays on my delicate aging body (hahaha..) going places is not something I miss a lot. Whatever few travels I have done were made alone, on a very thin budget,  which altogether makes it a rather stressful experience.
People who go across the globe solo - whether on a bike or walking or in a rocket frankly scare me.
Respect for their determination. I love them.

Amidst all the grayness of the sky, tattered snow, old gray stucco of the buildings on this window view - there is hope: glow emerges on the edges of the little frosted flowers and their negative shapes in the window film.

Several  years ago, at a whim I have decided to produce something for my own pleasure.
I have cut this composition on my vinyl cutter using adhesive Lexan film, something that we always keep in stock at the Studio as it has been a typical exhibition-grade overlaminate to protect museum graphics of higher-end display graphics. 
It is more difficult to work with than typical translucent window films because it is polycarbonate - it is a bit stiff and harder to apply, requires more skill. Needless to say, weeding those tiny beads of film on the flowers was agony - can  you see, there as some that actually remain within the negative flower shape (right side bottom). Aaaahhhh.
But is worked nicely so I am content.

The pattern was inspired by a lovely decorative motive I had found on an awesome blog I follow for years: http://printpattern.blogspot.ca/
I strongly recommend this site. It showcase a multitude of - exactly: print and pattern work for textiles, wallcoverings, stationery, ceramics - you name it.
Work by designers, illustrators, artists mostly from UK, US and Scandinavia, well all over the place...
And by all means - look into the old posts, there is a goldmine of inspiration and goodies to buy.

For example, can you resist this?
(images below form the Print and Pattern blog.)

Yup,  you've seen some of those patterns those at IKEA.

Isn't this beautiful?!?

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