13 Nov 2012

W. Herzog - Death in Five Voices

If you are a Werner Herzog fan I would love to meet you.
If you are not, but would like to be, I would love to meet you.
If you live in the nearest - I don't know - 3,000 km from Ottawa and would like to travel and join me in a "fan club" just to share worship and all kinds of thoughts, let me know. 

I have blabbed somewhere earlier about Herzog being a quintessentially baroque artist.
Here, in the "Gesualdo - Death for Vive Voices", he expresses his interests so much more literally.
His generosity is so immense as he narrates with his great voice in a well poised,and pensive manner. He takes us on voyages to the regions of our human experience and memory where in deep peace resides mistery, side by side with a certain danger of....

We are prone to laziness and self-cherishing and he volunteers to take us on those "field trips" to the obscure rooms of the 19th century Natural History collections of oddities, to exploring those areas of danger and uncertainty.
Gesualdo is not a mere "Memento Mori", it is melancholia as the "divine madness", here in Gesualdo's case - perhaps a lot more and how it becomes a legend...

About "black bile", the melancholia I will write more and more. One of my favourite subjects.
By the way, have you watched "Gesualdo"?  If not, you may take a look:

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