5 May 2011

Children's Theatre

In May I help withe the graphic coverage of the Ottawa Children's Festival.
Some work is my job, some work for a number of years I have been donating to the Festival.

 I was lucky to grow up with theatre for children. I was born in the Poznan, in Poland so many years I almost cannot remember when...
The kid's theatre was called Marcinek (little Martin) and was located in some old building at St. Martin Street. Later I had learned that in the communist administration this street was Red Army Street, but since nobody called it that - communism seemed to have little effect...
The theatre was dark and small, wooden chairs.
My mother took me there when I was small, even before my sister was born.
The plays were magical - the music, the powerful voices of the actors, the colours, the shadows, the puppets.

I loved the treatre and asked my mother go take me there.
Once the play was great, as always, but suddenly there was commotion and I got a bit upset because the play stopped for a while. I notice people in white coats - the ambulance came and they took my mom away. I was four years old and my sister was born next morning - the labour started when things at the stage were getting really hot!

Forty years later I had found the theatre's website. At a new location it is now called The Animation Theater of Poznań.   http://www.teatranimacji.pl
I have written an email telling of my childhood's amazing experiences and about how my sister Lila was ALMOST born during a play.
A nice lady, one of the directors of the theater had written back and sent me some souvenirs - photos of plays, some printed programs, wonderful stuff!

The Ottawa Childrens Festival is a wonderful event, but Ottawa also needs a stationary Children's Theatre. There are zillions of children and young people, the winters are cold and long, not everyone plays hockey....

Calling all millioners:
Could anyone spear a million or so to establish the Kid's Theatre.
Look, I know a million bucks is no small talk, but I am sure you would get free tickets to EVERY PLAY and imagine the kicks your INNER CHILD would experience?
I understand, for that kind of money you could buy - I don't know, perhaps even a flight (short?) to the orbit, but consider the benefits of the CHILDREN"S THEATRE instead:
  • you wouldn't get stranded in the orbit, practically no chance
  • I could fix you with someone "at the top" and you could get to act in a play, maybe...
  • consider business opportunities - you could bring your important business negotiations right to the spotlight.
  • I don't know, maybe something else, I am getting lighheaded with  mental exertion...
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