10 Dec 2013

J.R.Villemaire - worth admiring

For many years I had pleasure of generating fine art photographic print work for this local photographer - Jules R. Villemaire.

Various series of work, different view points and technical output but always the same - dispassionate, keen observer, looking for this moment in light and time that describes the now and then.

Jules R. Villemaire,
digital photographic archival print on photo paper,
scratch-resistant lamination,
mounted on Sintra (ARTzink Studio)
I rarely show or comment on the work of my clients, but Jules is very special.
He is now a senior figure in the photographic arts milieu, often closely connected with the Franco-phone circles, which possibly accounts for his work not being widely known.
Jules is one of the people who walks very lightly on this Earth, not carelessly but on a contrary: gently, attentively and creating little damage around.

I have written previously on Jules work http://artzink-studio.blogspot.ca/2013/02/jules-r-villemaires-fine-art.html

More info (regrettably again, only in French) can be found on Jules website:
I should let you know that you MUST take a look of this project: ...deconnivence
Women seen sensuously and delicately, respectfully and seriously beautifully!
Wow, did I say that?!?!

These two relatively small works above are shown while still at my Studio.
At the present time they are installed at the Voix Visuelle on Beachwood St, as part of the group show, a fundraiser for the art centre.

The exposition opens on the 18th of December and I will definitely post a detailed invite.
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