8 Dec 2013

Design Event

This is a worthwhile event: The Big Design Market, held at the Royal Exhibition Building. Incredible venue for over 200 incredible designers.
I wish I could have spent the entire day (or weekend!) there.

brought by: Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp, via Poppytalk
The Royal Exhibition Building is a pretty magical place.
Completed in 1880, it's now a World Heritage Site.

Of course, regrettably, this event is not in Ottawa but in Melbourne, Australia....
In this part of the globe, we prefer to play out our frugality stunt - à la wartime England.
Some of my colleagues, renown designers, artists, photographers in Ottawa work in stores, as security guards or moved with their 80 years old mom. Those lucky ones with major disability enjoy welfare support so lean that it excludes one from any creativity. (except perhaps writing on paper, with a pencil)

The good thing is, that our banks report another run of fantastic earnings!

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