22 Jun 2013

Dundee Marmelade

Vintage labels and labelled food containers are soooo trendy.
Here is some goodies I have scouted on the internet, unspeakably gorgeous stuff:
Here is the orange marmalade jar which I have spotted in some blogs, obviously hot collectible.

Equally amazing are those meat pots.
I have not seen those before and they are surely a great.
It's not quite obvious how those pots were sealed - by wax? Anyone knows?

Antique meat pots (Pinecrest)

I guess this pic may explain the many ways of sealing a jar...
This image comes from an amazing site that tells all about jars, lids, bottles and ways of naming and identifying them: http://www.sha.org/bottle/food.htm#Canning/Fruit%20Jars
This site is manned by the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA).
Mid to late 19th century unusual fruit jar closures; click to enlarge.
Antique glass jars with lids

Someone's blitz marmalade recipe, she (he) said:
Marmalade is one of the easiest things to make. I’ve made.
Sour Apple
Orange and Lime
Butternut Squash and Chilli
Cinnamon and Ginger

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